Temtem Update Adds Player Housing And Two Brand New Areas

Published: September 22, 2020 9:20 AM /


A player house in Temtem

A player housing Temtem update has been announced for the Massively multiplayer creature-collecting RPG. The new Temtem patch adds player housing and two brand new areas in which you'll be able to tame two new Temtem.

How does Temtem player housing work?

Starting from this new Temtem update, you'll be able to obtain a home in Temtem's Atoll Row area. Right now, developer Crema says housing serves "a limited cosmetic and social function". You can decorate your home and invite your friends over to see it, or you can take a stroll down Atoll Row to peek into other players' houses. Crema says the Atoll Row area isn't instanced, so you'll be able to look at every player house without any loading time. However, there is a pneumo-tube fast-travel system which lets you input a specific address to visit.

The new Atoll Row area in Temtem
Temtem's Atoll Row housing area isn't instanced, so you can view every player house.

In addition to allowing you to visit your friends' houses and have them visit yours, the newTemtem housing system also allows for interior decoration. A number of new furniture shops have opened across Temtem's world, each of which has "its own theme", according to Crema. Much like the game's clothing shops, it's worth checking all of the new furniture stores to see what kind of items you can get hold of.

What about the new Temtem areas?

As well as the housing system, Temtem is also getting two new areas in this patch. At the top of the Kilima Range, you'll be able to explore the new Kilima Peaks area, in which you can find and tame the husky-like Momo creature. The Kilima Range will also now allow access to the Barafu Glacier, where you can find the adorable Yowlar Temtem.

Yowlar in Temtem
Yowlar isn't the cutest Temtem in the patch, but it's certainly a looker.

Crema says Momo was designed in conjunction with one of Temtem's biggest Kickstarter backers. Both the new Kilima Peaks and Barafu Glacier areas were also designed in collaboration with backers (or Breeders, as they're otherwise known). The devs say they'll discuss this in a future post, so if you're interested in knowing how Kickstarter backers were instrumental in putting this new content together, watch this space.

There's other stuff in this Temtem patch besides new areas and housing. You can now navigate all of Temtem's UIs and menus with your mouse; the developers say they're aiming to create a way for Temtem to be playable with only the mouse in future. The Breeding Center has been expanded and is now "much bigger and better-equipped". Crema also says it's addressed some issues with Temtem's competitive balance, with most of these changes being inspired by community feedback. You can check out the full Temtem patch notes right here.

Will you be getting a house in Atoll Row? Are you planning to explore Temtem's new areas? Let us know in the comments below!

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