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Published: October 27, 2020 9:05 AM /


A player fishing peacefully in Temtem

A new Temtem update has dropped. This update creates the new Temtem fishing system for the game and also focuses on fairly sizable changes to the in-game economy. There's also a new Temtem to find, Dojo Leader rematches, and plenty more.

How does fishing in the Temtem update work?

In order to start fishing in Temtem, all you need to do is head to Nuru Lodge in Kisiwa and get yourself a fishing rod. Once you've got one, you'll be able to fish in any water area previously containing a spawn zone. Developer Crema says that since islands are so big and the amount of Temtems it can implement is limited, it "took another route" to ensure diversity in the new fishing system. Koish, the new water Temtem, is intended to address this issue.

Players interacting with Koish, the new Temtem
Koish is a new water Temtem intended to address potentially low diversity in the new fishing minigame.

According to Crema, Koish is a "very unique" water-type Temtem with 12 different subspecies, including one for every Temtem type. There are also a host of unique mutations that make over 10,000 unique Koish combinations to find. Crema is also introducing a new activity in which you'll be asked to locate a specific Koish specimen by fishing for it at the Nuru Lodge lake.

What are Temtem Dojo Leader rematches?

As the name suggests, Dojo Leader rematches will enable you to re-battle each of the Dojo Leaders you've faced off during the main Temtem campaign. This is the second new weekly activity being introduced in this new update. Every week will see leaders sporting a new team configuration, with battles using the game's competitive ruleset (including picks and bans).

A Dojo Leader in Temtem
The new Temtem update allows you to rematch Dojo Leaders for Pansuns.

You'll gain a certain amount of Temtem's Pansun currency for victory depending on how many times you've needed to battle the Dojo Leader. In addition to this, the first three Dojo Leaders defeated during the week will earn players a Temtem Radar. These handy items help players chain encounters for increased Luma chances and Tems with better SVs (Single Values). Radars will be given to you based on which Dojo Leaders you battle, so each one will help you find a different kind of Temtem. You can read more about Radars on the official Crema website.

A new Temtem radar item in action
Temtem Radars will help you to find better Tems and increase your Luma chances.

There's also one final new activity in this Temtem update. This one involves the Postal Service and can be done each day. You'll be delivering packages to NPCs all around Temtem's game world, and each time you deliver a package, you'll receive a reward. Up to three packages will be available to deliver each day, so make sure you're maximizing those package deliveries.

What else is included in this new Temtem update?

Crema has designed a new reward system for these activities as well as for future updates. Loot Pools replace a pre-determined set of rewards with a set of random rewards granted from a larger pool. Each activity has a certain number of Pansuns players can earn, as well as what items players can get and what the probability is of obtaining those items. These pools are designed to introduce more variety into Temtem's reward system and make players more excited to receive them.

A Wishing Well in Temtem
Temtem's wishing wells are getting an overhaul.

Also in this update is a change to the way the three wells in the Tasa Desert work. If you have a WishYouWell coin, you can throw it into the well and receive an item in return. This could be anything from a small amount of currency to cosmetic items, so it's worth doing. There's also a new well for every current island in the game, so you won't need to miss out if you're not exploring Kisiwa.

The new Temtem update adds a bunch more stuff besides what we've covered here. There are new Egg Technique Courses, a Temtem trait-swapping Telomere Hack, new Pro Incubators in the Breeding Center, and plenty more. If you want to see everything that's in the new Temtem update, be sure to check out the full patch notes. You can get Temtem right now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Are you looking forward to these new Temtem features? What do you think of Temtem fishing? Let us know in the comments below!

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