Temtem Update 0.7.3 Adds Tournaments and Lots of Quests

Published: July 6, 2021 11:31 AM /



Temtem's second update of the Cipanku cycle, or CU2, will add a new building, new quests and gears, and a lot of QOL changes and features for players. Players will be able to walk around and help out in the recreated Cream Corp offices, play and compete in Tournaments, which also means that there will be competitive improvements. Check out the full breakdown below:

What's in the latest Temtem patch?

First up is the Crema Corp offices, which have been faithfully recreated in-game. The devs have also been made to resemble their real-world counterparts as well. Players will be able to "help out in various stages of game development, starting from the simplest of tasks and going all the way up to the CEO." For their work, players will receive gears while the devs receive nothing, which is strange, because I didn't know they Crema got bought up by Activision Blizzard.

Tournaments are now deployed in-game, and they will be a weekly occurrence. They will start off on Sundays, but this can (and probably will) change. There will be three tournaments each Sunday, and they are spread across different time zones, so players will be able to choose which one suits them best or suit up for all three like the madlads that they are. 

Temtem competitive
Presumably a Temtem Tournament in action.

Each bracket will have 32 players each and are created as people join. There are four leagues, and the rewards will get better as the league gets higher. Winning trainers will receive an in-game title that is exclusive to each month, and a winner medal that will be displayed in the tamer info. 

The first tournament is tomorrow at Wednesday July 7th at 12 am PST / 7 am UTC, and the whole team will be watching, so no pressure!

As for competitive improvements, there will be some timer changes and the way gears have been placed in PvP squads have been changed: you'll now place gears in slots instead of Temtem. This means that you'll be able to have different gears on the same team depending on the competitive squad that you're using. 

There's also a Toy Piano added to the game, which is neat. It's described as an instrument with scales and a "very focused piano face". Players will be able to use it once they're done with the Musical Crystals quest that they can receive from Damián. Players will be able to use macros to play the Toy Piano, but only for that and nothing else in-game. Don't abuse it or you'll get banned, so be careful.

For the full patch notes, be sure to go here. For more information on Temtem as it inches its way towards a full launch, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information.

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