Temtem 0.5.12 Update Opens the Saipark Endgame Area

Published: February 18, 2020 3:30 PM /


Temtem 0.5.12 Update cover

The Temtem 0.5.12 update has arrived and it brings with it the new endgame Saipark area and several other changes.

If you haven't yet played Temtem, it can be most readily described as a Pokemon clone in an MMORPG environment. So basically, it's got a lot of things that people wanted to see in Pokemon Sword and Shield. A new update has brought some neat new features to the game!

Central to this new update is the addition of the Saipark, an endgame area for the higher-level players to enjoy. Each week, the Saipark will play home to two species of Temtem. These select species will have special qualities like:

  • Having more chances of being Luma
  • Presenting Egg Moves
  • Having guaranteed minimum SVs

Regular Temcards won't work in this area; instead, you'll have to buy Saicards. Players will need to pay an initial fee for these Saicards. Currently, there's not yet a display that shows the configuration of the Saipark, but that's coming soon.

Simply put, the Saipark is analogous to the Safari Zone from the Pokemon games with the addition of having special creatures inside rather than just a few species of Pokemon. It's not the only change that's coming, though!

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What Else is New in the Temtem 0.5.12 Update?

Also added in the Temtem 0.5.12 update is the Player's Vault. This can be accessed in any big Temporium and acts as a player stash, allowing you to store items here. Items will be kept between resets, but you'll have a 10-day wait before resetting if you have anything in the Player's Vault. Additionally, any future items acquired through promo codes will pop up in the vault.

Player avatars are getting a new idle animation, and several balance changes have also been brought into the game. You can read about all of the changes in the full Temtem 0.5.12 update patch notes. If you don't yet already own Temtem, you can buy it on Steam or on the Humble Store at the price of $34.99 or your regional equivalent.

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What do you think of the Temtem 0.5.12 update? Are there any new features you hope to see soon? Let us know in the comments below!


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