Tempest, an Open World Pirate RPG Releasing Late August

Published: August 4, 2016 1:15 PM /



Open world pirate RPG Tempest is leaving Early Access and embarking on its full release August 22nd. Developed by Lion’s Shade and published by HeroCraft, Tempest puts players in the captain’s quarters to sail their own pirate ship on the high sea. After eight months of Early Access, the game has been added to and improved upon and now it’s ready for full release.


In Tempest players take command of a pirate ship, decide where to sail and who to blast away with your cannons. The game has three open world regions for pirates to plunder. Battles can be fought against other ships, fortresses along the shoreline or fearsome creatures of the deep.

Pirate ships can be upgraded and customized to match their captain’s seafaring prowess. Hire your crew to man your ship as you take missions and quests to improve your hired hands so that they can better board and capture enemy ships in your nefarious name.

There’s more than just cannons for pirates to wield on the oceans of Tempest. Flamethrowers and mortars will round out your arsenals and suit any battle you find yourself in. A dash of fantasy is added with powerful artifacts that will allow players to do things like call down a rain of fiery meteorites from the sky or summon a giant octopus to fight by your side.

Beware the creatures of the deep.

Players will face fellow pirates and heavily defended merchant vessels in their quest for treasure. They’ll also combat a mysterious cult and epic sea monsters like the Kraken and Leviathan to test their mettle. Whether storming fortresses, overtaking vessels for booty or combating a creature from the deep, players will be faced with a variety of challenges to overcome.

The game now includes up to three-player multiplayer in co-op or PvP so players won’t have to sail the seas alone. Single-player includes over 100 quests to complete. Tempest’s full release will be available on August 22, 2016, for $14.99 or you can get it right now for $11.99 in Early Access on Mac and PC via Steam.


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