Telltale's Game of Thrones: Meet the Forrester

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Telltale's Game of Thrones

We talked before about Telltale's new episodic saga about Game of Thrones. We said that the story will revolve around the vicissitudes of the house Forrester, a house loyal to the Stark of Winterfell. Today, we finally meet the main characters. Telltale conceded an exclusive for each of the 13 characters to 13 different sites. The cast is now fully revealed as long as their story. 

 The 13 members of house Forrester that will take part in the saga are:

  • Lord Gregor Forrester, the Lord of Ironrath, is lord of a strong Northern House and a bannerman of House Glover, who are in turn loyal to the great house of the north – the Starks (from USA Today)
  • Lady Elissa Forrester, Lord Forrester's Wife, was born to House Branfield, a minor Southron House that was destroyed when the Targaryen dynasty fell (from Mashable)
  • Rodrik Forrester, Lord Forrester's First Born Son, took up arms against the Lannisters and is now feared by their soldiers (from Entertainment Weekly)
  • Asher Forrester, Exiled Son of Lord Forrester, had always been a rebellious youth – brawling in taverns, sleeping with whores, and finding ways to raise his father’s ire (from Game Informer)
  • Mira Forrester, Lord Forrester's Eldest Daughter, had always been fond of Ironrath, but Lady Forrester -- wanting her eldest daughter to learn the ways of a Southron court -- arranged for Mira to serve as a handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell (from Polygon)
  • Maester Ortengryn, Maester to House Forrester, studied at the Citadel in the hope of being assigned to the Eyrie (from Wired)
  • Malcolm Branfield, Lady Forrester's Brother, was the black sheep of the Branfield family (from Nerdist)
  • Ethan Forrester, Lord Forrester's Third-Born Son, has a great love for the towering trees of Ironrath (from GameSpot)
  • Ryon Forrester, Lord Forrester's Fourth-Born Son, has grown up with fewer responsibilities than his siblings (from The Escapist)
  • Royland Degore, Ironrath's Master-at-Arms, joined Lord Forrester’s army after his family was wiped out by Ironborn during Balon Greyjoy’s rebellion (from The Verge)
  • Duncan Tuttle, Castellan of Ironrath, struck up an unlikely friendship with Gregor Forrester, the heir to House Forrester, when he was a boy (from Yahoo Games)
  • Gared Tuttle, squire to Lord Forrester, Gared has served Lord Forrester throughout the long months in King Robb’s army, and is ready to be a warrior in his own right (from IGN)
  • Talia Forrester, Lord Forrester's Youngest Daughter, was named after her own mother (from GamesRadar)
The first of the 6 episodes, titled "Iron from Ice", doesn't have a release date yet but the developers say we'll not have to wait too much.

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