TechRaptor News Show Recap 12/6/17

Published: December 7, 2017 4:40 PM /


TechRaptor News 12/6/17

Welcome to the first ever episode of the TechRaptor News Recap. Every week Alex Parker and I will go over the most interesting event happening in the industry, present the facts, then have a quick discussion and try to find the positives in everything.  With the industry being as eventful as it is, its nice to try to find the best in things and have some friendship along the way. This week we've got the Detroit: Become Human controversy, Capcom resurrecting Mega Man after almost 8 years, and some PlayStation Experience talk.

Detroit: Become Human Domestic Abuse Controversy

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The games industry is still growing and while it seems like we cant go a week without some new controversy, the outrage and concern over the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Detroit: Become Human seems warranted to a degree.  At first glance it would seem that European politicians are just looking to become the new Jack Thompson and use the medium as a way to generate outrage and headlines, but like most things, once you look deeper into the issues surrounding Detroit Become Human, the outrage has some merit.

Mega Man 11 (Finally) Announced

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The last time a proper Mega Man game was released the original iPad dropped, StarCraft got its long awaited sequel, and Skrillex returned to singing for a few minutes. Since then fans of the blue bomber have been patiently awaiting a new entry in the series.  There was a brief time where everyone thought a Kickstarter game would become the spiritual successor to the series, but after some exceptional community management, questionable business decisions, and the game ultimately being a dud, it was beginning to look like we would only see Mega Man as a co-star in fighting games and portable RPGs. I'm eagerly awaiting the next entry in the series and hope this kickstarts a new interest in one of my personal favorite franchises.

Thats all the news for this week! What would you like to see us cover next?  Are you excited for Megaman 11? Is Detroit's inclusion of domestic violence troublesome? Let us know in the comments below!


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