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Technobabylon Fan Voices wanted

December 13, 2014

By: Don Parsons


The upcoming adventure game Technobabylon, created by Technocrat Games, and to be published by Wadjet Eye Games, is looking for some community support.

In an announcement put up last night, Technocrat is looking for fans who want to have a line or two in the game. As they explain, the main voice acting and such has already been produced by Wadjet Eye Games, but the phone book there they want to have a lot of options other then just the quest ones. That is where the fans come in - James Dearden is looking for fans to be the extras in the phone book and answer a sample phone call.

If you were in the future, in a place and someone randomly called your new future phone what would you say to them? That is the challenge that is being presented here and what people who are interested may be able to do. A couple sentences and its a simple response and for the game it should add a level of verisimilitude to it as no longer is the options to call going to just be a handful of quest relevant people.

Technobabylon is a cyberpunk point and click adventure game that is coming out in early 2015. In a world where privacy is a forgotten concept, the story follows that of two people. The first is a jobless agoraphobe who spends reams of time on the future descendant of the internet. For some reason, she has become targeted for assassination by an organization that she knows nothing about. With no real friends, or enemies that she knows of, she has to face the danger of the real world in person, "meatspace" while discovering the truth. The second is an agent of the city's secret police - one of the people who make the cyberpunk world run safely for those in power. His life will change when he is blackmailed about the lives of his unborn children of his deceased wife (Boy is the future messed up!). With deceit surrounding him, his past coming back, and his legacy threatened, what will he do when he discovers he knew less then he thought?


If you are interested in doing some of the answering stuff, check out this blog post about it and request more information.

If you were randomly called up by someone panicking about a conspiracy, how would you react? Is Technobabylon a game you are interested in? 

Don Parsons
News Editor

I've been a gamer for years of various types starting with the Sega Genesis and Shining Force when I was young. If I'm not playing video games, I'm often roleplaying, reading, writing, or pondering things brought up by speculative fiction.