Technobabylon coming Spring 2015

Published: January 8, 2015 4:45 PM /



Prepare this Spring to take a step into a new time machine designed by Technocrat Games, and published by Wadjet Eye Games, that will take you to the year 2087. There, you will be able to experience Technobabylon.

Technobabylon is a old school, point & click adventure game set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. While it was originally conceived as a 8 part freeware episodic adventure, after 3 were released Wadjet Eye Games partnered up with Technocrat indie Dev James Dearden to revamp the gameplay, story, and other elements for commercial release. They took the best of player feedback and also upgraded the pixel art and got professional (and well in some cases non-professional) voice acting.

Technobabylon - Subway
A glimpse of the future....


In this world genetic modification is the norm, an addictive setup called The Trance has replaced the need for human interaction, and an all knowing AI known as Central powers the city. Central has a police force that sees everything - the Centralized Emergency Logistics (CEL) that tracks everything that happens.

Technobabylon has 3 protagonists in the game that you play as throughout the game. Charlie Regis is an agent of the cities CEL, and finds himself pushed to the brink when the lives of his unborn children are threatened. A jobless agoraphobe, Letha Sesame is addicted to the Trance, and has for unknown reasons been targeted for assassination. Max Lao is a tech savvy case worker who is a product of the society finds herself torn between loyalties when she is told to arrest her best friend and partner.

Technobabylon Gunpoint
These are dangerous secrets you seek

All of them will com across secrets that they didn't know were hidden. They will find truths people will kill to hide. And their worlds will be shaken by the truths that they discover, as it changes everything they thought they knew.

Further information was released today on Charlie Regis as we were able to get a hold of a copy of a voice recording from him. It sadly is shorter then many would like for details but it is some. Also in the special package that was delivered is a Charlie's CEL file that will help you understand the dire situation, and who is facing it.

Does Technobabylon interest you? What do you think of point and click adventures? Tell us in the comments below!

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