Teamfight Tactics Rise Of The Elements Patch Now Live

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Teamfight Tactics Rise Of The Elements Patch Now Live

November 7, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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League of Legends auto-battler Teamfight Tactics has received a pretty hefty new patch. Titled "Rise of the Elements", the new patch adds extra champions, classes, origins, and plenty more to Teamfight Tactics.

In this season, champions will represent Elements instead of Origins. Where before a champion might be Noble, Phantom, or Demon, now you'll see things like Crystal, Inferno, and Light. All existing champions have been changed to represent this new Element system; Ashe was once Glacial but is now Crystal, Vayne was once Noble but is now Light, and so on.

Just like Origins, collecting champions with the same Elements will grant bonuses depending on their Element. If you stack Steel champions, they'll get damage immunity when they drop below 50% health. Stacking Mountain champions gives a huge shield to a random ally at the start of combat. All Elements have a bonus like this, so play around and see what you can find.

In addition to the new Element system, new Classes have been added, with some champions changing class. New classes include Summoner, Mage, and Mystic. As with Elements, stacking multiple champions of the same Class will grant bonuses to champions of that Class. Champions with new classes include Zed (Summoner), Warden (Braum), and Warwick (Predator).


Each new game you play in Teamfight Tactics will now feature one random element: Inferno, Ocean, Mountain, or Wind (just like League of Legends' Dragons). The new Elemental Hex mechanic imbues a number of hexes throughout the game with that game's element. Your champions will gain different bonuses based on which element is in play and where you position them.

That's not all. There are a huge number of new changes and additions to Teamfight Tactics for this patch, including several new champions. If you want to check out the full changelog, head over to the game's official websiteLeague of Legends patch 9.22 is also now live and you can check out all the buffs, nerfs, and changes to champions here.

How do you feel about the new Teamfight Tactics changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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