Team Ninja's Latest Game is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Published: June 12, 2022 2:23 PM /


Wo Long

Team Ninja is no stranger to historical fantasy, and this time they're bringing a new title called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to the Xbox ecosystem.

Announced during today's Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase is Wolong Fallen Dynasty. We got to see a cinematic trailer featuring zombies and other supernatural monstrosities, as well as a warrior that is (presumably) the main character. There are plenty of mystical elements at play and we can expect Team Ninja's signature tough-as-nails gameplay.


Many of Team Ninja's games take place in settings across Asia, and this time we see Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty taking place in China during the Han Dynasty, which is under attack by demonic forces. Of course, there's some action against humans as well, and our protagonist appears to have supernatural powers of sort, enhancing his combat abilities. On the surface, the themes of the trailer are vaguely similar to games like Nioh, which Team Ninja has found great success with. Whether this is more of a Soulslike akin to Nioh or conversely, like Ninja Gaiden, remains to be seen. Koei Tecmo, the publisher for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, is notable for its Dynasty Warriors franchise and may have gameplay elements similar to that series. It could also very well be a new approach than both the developer and publisher's usual. For now, check out this trailer!

Like other titles announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase, this is going to launch on the Xbox platform as well as PC, with PlayStation notably excluded. It's also a cross-generation title, so you can play it on the Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One. While all we have is a teaser for now, you can expect more information ahead of its 2023 release date. If you're excited for the signature action that Team Ninja is known for, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty might be your kind of thing. Stay tuned!



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