Team Impulse officially on the market

Published: October 22, 2015 6:31 PM /


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Well, we can add another team to the list of North American LCS (League Championship Series) teams looking for a fresh start. News broke earlier today that the CoO of Team Impulse, Alex Gu, has put the brand and the teams current LCS spot on the market effective immediately. Gu stated that the decision to sell the team was made months ago as many had already speculated something like this would happen.

Team Impulse, also known as TIP, didn't have a bad season at all. TIP played very well all season only to lose to Cloud 9 in the Regional Qualifiers and lost a chance at going to Worlds but the team wasn't a stranger to controversy. During the Summer Split, Midlaner XiaoWeiXiao was banned from competitively play until 2016 after being found guilty of eloboosting accounts. For those who may not know, eloboosting is a service for players who want an easy pass into the higher ranks. These players usually pay another player to boost their account to the rank of their choice in exchange for money or sometimes RP or Riot Points which is one of two in game currencies used in League of Legends. Other teammates were suspected of doing the same thing but they were found innocent as there was little proof proving that they were also involved.

TIP joins the growing list of North American teams who are up for sale or looking to rebuild. Team 8 rebranded to Immortals with their roster currently in limbo and as reported last week TSM also is in need of of 3 new team members. Team Dragon Knights were bought out to become Team Arena as well. Very little is known about what will come of current TIP roster but with teams like CLG, C9, TSM all in the market for new players, I would say it is very unlikely that TIP stays together on their new brand. More news will go up on roster moves and teams as it is learned and more news is expected as soon as Worlds end with Quarterfinals starting off this weekend.

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