Team 17 Announces Killer Frequency, It's First Ever VR Game

Team 17 has made a variety of games across different platforms, but has never touched VR before. This is all changes with their upcoming title, Killer Frequency.

Published: June 9, 2022 2:45 PM /


Killer Frequency

The Britain-based developers at Team 17 have a diverse catalog of titles, but now they're trying something new. With experience in a variety of genres, the team has revealed that it is working on Killer Frequency, a currently VR-exclusive title. Presented as a horror game, this will be the first time that Team 17 has attempted something like this. Based on the trailer, Killer Frequency will release on the Oculus Quest 2 and Steam at an unannounced date.

Team 17's Killer Frequency

Despite its massive game library, Team 17 is most known for the colorful and chaotic Worms series of games. Killer Frequency is noticeably different in tone, design, and scale. It's the team's first attempt at creating a VR game. It uses a first-person perspective to tell what appears to be a slow-paced and atmospheric horror story. Though Team 17 has some experience with this genre from its Alien Breed series, they have not released a horror game in quite some time. This will change not only with Killer Frequency's future release but also Thymesia is scheduled to come out later this year.

Despite its dark appearance, Killer Frequency is being labeled as a horror-comedy game. Players take on the role of a radio host living in the 1980s. It takes elements from slasher films of the same decade by tasking players to rescue citizens from a masked killer on the loose. It's a mix of mystery and puzzle-solving as characters will call into the host to offer clues players will need in order to reach them. Taking full advantage of the VR, the radio host's radio station will be fully explorable and allow players to play with all the tools within.

Team 17 has a reputation for creating fun and lighthearted games like the Overcooked games and simulators like My Time At Portia. With Killer Frequency, the team is going in a more serious direction while trying its hand at VR.

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