Take to the Skies in Project Wingman

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Take to the Skies in Project Wingman

June 13, 2020

By: Robert Grosso

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Sector D2
Humble Games
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December 1, 2020 (Calendar)
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Those looking for a combat flight simulation game can rejoice, as Project Wingman is finally coming out this Summer!

Project Wingman, from indie developer Sector D2, is a combat flight action game featuring over 20 different aircrafts that players can jump into the cockpit for. Players will be able to engage in various missions across a single-player campaign, flying through exotic locations such as redwood forests, vast oceans, and sprawling deserts. Those flying will get to test their skills against different kinds of enemy threats, from enemy planes to on-rail cannons, all captured with gorgeous visual fidelity, including beautiful 3D volumetric clouds rendered with the TrueSKY engine.

Along with the single-player campaign, Project Wingman also has Conquest Mode. This unique gameplay experience draws elements from roguelikes and RPGs, where players must capture various territories while defeating bosses and enemy squadrons in one fell swoop. Earn enough money to upgrade your plane, as well as building up an army to take down waves of enemies at the same time, allowing for more strategic play.

There are a ton of other features found in Project Wingman. Sector D2 promises that the game controls are highly customizable, with rebindable controls and HOTAS compatibility built in to modify the game to your liking. Project Wingman also has VR support, to offer a more realistic experience right from your cockpit. VR can also be combined with HOTAS controllers, making the fidelity of combat even more immersive if players wish to. If not, they can use any DirectInput supported peripheral they choose. 


A Kickstarter project from developer Abi Rahmani, the game was successfully funded in 2018, and has found a home with publisher Humble Games. Project Wingman will be released on the PC for the Summer of 2020, on both Steam and the Humble Store. 


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