Taiwan Fighter Major 2017 Results

Gaming article by Matthew Fetrow on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 11:43

Taiwan Fighter Major 2017 is not only a part of the Capcom Pro Tour as the final premiere event taking place in Asia, it's also a part of the Tekken World Tour as the final Master event for the region, too. This means that big names and lots of talent from both scenes are going to be crammed into this one event.

In addition to the two headlining games, tournaments were also held for The King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. Streaming for the event was handled by Capcom Fighters, Tekken, TW Fighter, and Taiwan Fighting Festival, all on Twitch.

As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name]” format, with their used characters in brackets. If you'd like to view the full brackets for each tournament yourself, you can do so here, on Challonge.

Street Fighter V

  • 1. CO | Dogura [Urien]
  • 2. GGP | Kazunoko [Cammy]
  • 3. Mago [Karin, Rashid]
  • 4. GRPT | Haitani [Necalli]
  • 5. Kichipa-mu [Zangief]
  • 5. YBK | Daikoku Go [Birdie]
  • 7. Echo Fox | Tokido [Akuma]
  • 7. Talon | Hotdog29 [M. Bison]
Dogura pulls off not only his first CPT premiere event win, but his first CPT win, period, after gaining the upper hand on Kazunoko, who he coincidentally lost to in the grand final of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 earlier in the event.

Tekken 7

  • 1. Echo Fox | JDCR [Dragunov]
  • 2. Qudans [Devil Jin]
  • 3. PBE | Doujin [Shaheen, Lars, Jack-7, Lili]
  • 4. Chanel [Alisa, Eliza, Akuma]
  • 5. Kkokkoma [Dragunov]
  • 5. Echo Fox | Saint [Jack-7]
  • 7. COOAS | Noroma [Jack-7, Feng, Devil Jin]
  • 7. ROX | Knee [Bryan, Kazuya]
Echo Fox continues to rule the Tekken scene with a tekken (iron fist) as JDCR rises from the losers bracket to take home the big win after winning two sets in a row in grand finals against Qudans, a top Korean player who is just as experienced.

King of Fighters XIV

  • 1. Huomao | ZJZ [Kula / Yuri / Leona, more]
  • 2. Kindevu [Kula / Leona / Luong]
  • 3. Huomao | E.T. [Robert / Andy / Leona, more]
  • 4. Akira [Kyo / Benimaru / Iori]
  • 5. SR [Nelson / Mature / Kim, more]
  • 5. Oogosyo [Daimon / Billy / Muimui]
  • 7. BallKTB [Yuri / Leona / Mai]
  • 7. KojiKOG
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
  • 1. GGP | Kazunoko [Raven]
  • 2. CO | Dogura [Raven]
  • 3. Kenkaze [Raven, Chipp]
  • 4. W7266 [Ramlethal]
  • 5. Ayan [Leo]
  • 5. Mithrilu [Johnny]
  • 7. Ray Tsao [Kum Haehyun]
  • 7. Princess Brea [Johnny]

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