Survivor 2299 - Could it be Fallout 4?

Published: November 25, 2013 9:00 AM /



I'm sure all you die hard FO fans out there have checked out the new website over the past week. For those who haven't, the general buzz is around the fact that recently a patent was filed for "Fallout 4" and a potentially Fallout related website was launched (see The page contains a logo, a timer counting down to 11.12.13, and a morse code pattern which translates to "11.12.13" (now the morse code translates to: Calling any station, calling any station, calling any station, this is/from Oscar Zulu Please Stand by)

But don't go cracking open the Nuka Cola yet, since no one knows for sure exactly what this site is or, who exactly it belongs to (in short, it could be a fake). There has been no official word from either Bethesda or Zenimax (both have remained relatively tight lipped recently) and there is some odd template code on the website, which has led to questions on the credibility of the whole thing. But we're not here to question the website (see this reddit thread if that's why you are here), we're here to speculate! So, what could this new (potential) Fallout game be? Well let's look at our options:


The next instalment of the Fallout series: You know how it is; technology advances, and we get next gen RPG's. Although we're not entirely sure if the website is legit, I see this as the most likely outcome. Picture Fallout 3 or NV, but with better...everything. That's how we HOPE this game will go down if it really is the one, maybe set somewhere in the desolate European Commonwealth, or even in Alaska where the war with China was fought. Some features I would really like to see however, is some sort of co-op mode and an ever so slightly more advanced AI system. Well, whatever we get, we can at least expect some better graphics, and if we're lucky some of that good old fashioned canon!

Unrelated game: Now I know this is hard to believe, but not everything has to be Fallout orientated. Even though it's possible, I see this as highly unlikely for several reasons:

1) There was a patent recently filed for "Fallout 4"

2) The term "2299" refers to a time not long after the events of NV, so it would make sense if it was a Fallout game

3) Fallout 4 is a highly anticipated RPG

Fallout MMO (AKA: I bloody well hope not): Ok, I admit it; I would really like to play some sort of Fallout co-op game. But trust me when I say I don't want another WoW clone. But maybe I'm being a tad harsh. Executed in the right way, I could see an FO MMO really hitting the spot, but I just can't say it's worth the risk. I would much prefer the safer, and predominately single player route. The wasteland is supposed to be a desolate, and lonely expanse of ruin. Not a small PvP arena filled with "VaultDweller84463"'s.


A fallout game where "2299" doesn't refer to the year: it's entirely possible that Bethesda is just pulling our legs and the game might actually be set during an entirely different time period. This is further backed up by the newly updated morse code, where the pattern translates to "Calling any station, calling any station, calling any station, this is/from Oscar Zulu Please Stand by". "Oscar Zulu" is from a quest in Fallout 3, where the inhabitants of Oscar Zulu are long dead.

A hoax: unfortunately, this is still an option. Looks like we,ll just have to wait until December to find out the truth.


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