The Surviving Mars Armstrong Update is Here, Sale and Free Weekend Underway

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surviving mars armstrong update surviving mars free weekend

Strategy nerds, come out of your basements and rejoice: the Surviving Mars Armstrong Update is here! The update brings with it two new pieces of paid DLC and a whole bunch of free content for existing players. What's more, a Surviving Mars free weekend is underway and the game is on sale.

Let's get right into breaking down all the fun bits of the Surviving Mars Armstrong Update!

Surviving Mars Armstrong Update - Free Content Patch

As noted in a news post on the Steam Community page, the Armstrong Update adds some new content for existing Surviving Mars players. Make sure to check out our review of the game to see how far it's come since then!

New Landscaping Tools

Five new landscaping tools have been added to the game. Players can flatten terrain or create ramps to terraform Mars even more than they could before, and you can alter the appearance of the surface by changing its textures. You'll also be able to construct small and medium rock formations. These actions will take some drone time and consume or create excess Waste Rock, so make sure you have enough supplies and/or storage space on hand!

New Special Projects

Players will be able to commit three new actions as an alternative means of gathering resources:
  • Capture Meteor - Gain raw materials.
  • Launch High-Speed Comm Satellite - Gain sponsor research.
  • Launch SETI Satellite - Gain funding.
All three of these new options are available once you discover the first set of planetary anomalies.

New Buildings

The Large Dumping Site makes it even easier to manage the tons of Waste Rock you'll be dealing with (especially in light of the new landscaping tools). The Rocket Construction Site will let you build new rockets on Mars instead of having to order them from Earth.

New Self-Sufficient Dome

A Basic Dome can now be equipped with enough life support equipment to effectively be self-sustaining on its own. It won't be as efficient as some of the bigger domes, but it saves you an awful lot of hassle!

New Event Chains & New Research UI

19 new event chains are being added in the base game. Additionally, 1 is being added for modding purposes and 9 are being added for the Space Race DLC.

Surviving Mars Armstrong Update - Green Planet & Project Laika

Aside from all the free content being added to the game, two new pieces of DLC have launched. Green Planet will finally let mankind step out of the domes than to some serious terraforming projects and Project Laika will be adding adorable doggos.

Surviving Mars Green Planet

Buy it for PC ($19.99) Buy it for PlayStation 4 Buy it for Xbox One

In Green Planet, you're able to go a step beyond colonizing Mars: you'll change the planet itself. Your decisions throughout the game will affect the Atmosphere, Temperature, Water, and Vegetation. Make your decisions carefully and you'll be breathing fresh Martian air in no time!

Seven new buildings to assist with terraforming are added in this DLC along  with some challenges especially made for the new mechanics. Be careful, though — getting things wrong can start all kinds of nasty disasters.

Surviving Mars Project Laika

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Man's best friend heads into space once again! Project Laika brings pets and livestock into the game. Dogs and cats are (of course) part of the friends that you can bring aboard, but a number of strange pets like llamas and platypuses (platypi?) will also be available for the citizens of your colony.

Sick of mystery meat? Well, your colonists will also be able to eat genuine Martian cows! Farm animals are primarily raised for food, but they'll also consume a lot more water than crops; make sure you have plenty of supplies coming in before you get your livestock operating going!

Surviving Mars Free Weekend and Sale

Finally,  a Surviving Mars free weekend is happening right now! If you've been curious about this game and a little scared about the complexity, you can try it out on Steam with no strings attached whatsoever. If you like it, you can buy Surviving Mars on Steam for $10.19 or your regional equivalent, a 66% discount off of its normal price. You can also get the game for the PlayStation 4 for its regular price of $29.99 or for the Xbox One for $9.89, a 67% discount.. The Surviving Mars free weekend and the related discount end on May 20, 2019.

What do you think of the content added in the Surviving Mars Armstrong Update? Will you participate in the Surviving Mars free weekend? What pet would you take to another planet? Let us know in the comments below!

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