Survive the Middle Ages in Medieval Dynasty Next Month

Published: August 28, 2020 4:27 PM /


Concept art from Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty, a game by Render Cube about living life in the Middle Ages, revealed its release date at the Future Games Show today. Players will be able to survive the hardships of medieval life and make their own medieval dynasty when the game launches September 17th.

Medieval Dynasty is a mix of life simulation, survival, and strategy build-up game that has players take the role of a capable but poor farmer and hunter. Living in the Middle Ages is rough for anyone, but it's especially so for our poor hunter and his fellow villagers. Players will help him take his fate into his own hands as he develops a small outpost into a bustling village by providing for its people. By developing the town, players can turn this poor hunter into the founder of a dynasty and secure his place in history.


As a peasant in the Middle Ages, players will have to explore the world (which is about four square kilometers large) to collect resources to build tools and buildings for the village. By building it up, players can attract more villagers to help the village grow more, and they'll need plenty of hands to help the village prepare for the harsh winter. Eventually, players will be able to take a wife and have heirs, which will allow players to engage with a dynastic reputation system, complete with events involving the king. The entire game is tied together with an intricate system of resource/builder management, harvesting, trade, base building, and roleplaying.

Rise above your peasant life and create a dynasty when Medieval Dyansty releases on Steam September 17th.



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