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Published: May 11, 2018 10:59 PM /



Grimmwood, a community-driven survival RPG, has entered its open beta stage and is now available for anyone to download and play via Steam.

The news came via a press release, given by Bulgaria-based developer Big Moustache Games and publisher Headup Games. Grimmwood will be Big Moustache's first title, while Headup is well-known for publishing titles such as Slime-SanBridge Constructor: Portal and Runbow.

Big Moustache Games describes Grimmwood as "an asynchronous social multiplayer RPG experience" which "seamlessly blends elements of survival, roguelike, and exploration". The game offers players the chance to band together and explore a procedurally generated forest, foraging for supplies, weapons and crafting materials. At night, monsters will attack the nearby village, and players must "share tasks and decisions" with each other in order to defend the village.

Check out the announcement trailer for Grimmwood here:

Grimmwood is able to support up to 30 players in each game across a 600-tile procedurally generated hex forest map. The game has a 24-hour real-time cycle, during which players can freely log in and contribute to their village's defenses. There's also a social game-style stamina system which limits the number of actions the player can take, so each action must be planned carefully to ensure maximum efficiency. The game's Steam page emphasises the social elements quite distinctly, promising players the chance to "vote to expel the Villagers who don’t contribute to the Village survival or simply try to ruin everybody’s experience".

Community is definitely the watchword for Grimmwood, so the game will live and die by how many players it attracts. That said, there's definitely something interesting about its mixture of social gaming and survival RPG. You can head on over to Steam right now to check out the open beta for free if you're interested. There's no word yet on a release window for the full version, so make sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news.

Does this social survival RPG have you excited? Will you be forming your own cabal of explorers? Let us know in the comments below!

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