The Survivalists Farming Update Experiments with Tons of New Features

Farming. New Buildings, and More Comes to The Survivalists in New Experimental Update

Published: February 3, 2021 2:40 PM /


The Survivalists Farming Update cover

The Survivalists Farming Update has arrived on the game's experimental branch, adding several interesting new elements to the survival game created by the same people who brought you The Escapists.

In The Survivalists, you've found yourself stranded on a desert island packed with mystery (and a lot of monkeys, too.) You'll have to explore, forage for goods, and build out a base to stay alive in this new adventure. Now, a brand-new update has arrived on the game's experimental branch that adds several fundamental new systems for players to enjoy.

Check out the game's launch trailer to get an idea of its gameplay!

What's New in The Survivalists Farming Update?

The Survivalists Farming Update adds quite a few new things to the game's experimental branch. Naturally, farming is one of the biggest and most important elements added in this update.

Players will be able to grow their own crops. Much like real life, domesticating wild crops can provide better-quality items than you'd find in the wild. That's not all you can grow, though — you can also plant dangerous plants to serve as base defenses.

Another important new element in this update is the ability to repair and change items. This is done through the addition of several new structures:

  • Repair Bench – Repairs tools and weapons.
  • Grindstone – Improves tools and weapons.
  • Alchemy Bench – Allows you to transmute certain items into certain other items.
  • Food Processor Bench – Allows food resources to be converted.
  • Refuse Pit – Can be used to destroy items.

The addition of all of these new ways to tinker with items might mean that players are going to run out of inventory space. That's covered, too — you can now increase your inventory size with a backpack.

Aside from gameplay additions, new cosmetic goodies like ponds and decorative water features have also been added. These are far from the only new additions, though — you can read about all of the changes in The Survivalists Farming Update patch notes.

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How to Play The Survivalists Farming Update

If you'd like to play The Survivalists Farming Update, you're going to need to access the Experimental Branch on Steam. Thankfully, it's a fairly simple process — but you might want to back up your save first! You can find your save file in the following location:

C:\Users\$username$\AppData\LocalLow\Team17 Digital Ltd_\The Survivalists\

Here's how you can play The Survivalists Farming Update right now:

  1. Right-click on The Survivalists in your Steam Library.
  2. Select "Properties."
  3. Click on the "Betas" tab.
  4. Select "Experimental" from the drop-down. As soon as you do, the beta will be queued for download.

Team17 is seeking feedback on this newest experimental update; you can leave your feedback on the Experimental Branch Feedback and Experimental Branch Report a Problem sections of the game's Steam Community Forums. If you don't yet own this great game, you can buy The Survivalists on Steam and you can also play a free demo on the same platform.

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