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Are you tired of all the survival horror zombie games out there? Building the same tired old toys and running through a lot of similar tropes?

Well, perhaps you aren't alone. If you've been wanting an open world survival with a very different focus - like giant mechs and faction based fighting, Goliath may be the game for you.

The world that Goliath is set in, is one that has seen multiple civilizations come and go, and now has come an era of harsh survival and war. Various factions rule parts of the world in conflict with each other, and are among the many threats the players must survive. Starting with little, the player has to build their own fortress, tools, weapons, and of course their own Goliath suits. Those can be built from all sorts of materials from more basic wooden ones to metal or even rarer materials - with dozens of them included in the game.

A wooden Goliath
A wooden Goliath

Each of those Goliaths is customizable as well, with different weapons and parts that you can craft making it a pretty extensive mech building and survival game. In single player you'll be part of a procedurally generated living world, which is different every time with a variety of terrains, weather and day/night cycle. Different Goliath's react differently to various weather or terrain meaning you need to choose the right tools for the job - you don't want your rusty iron bot out in the middle of a thunderstorm for example!

In that world, there are various factions that are in conflict with each other, and how you interact with them is up to you. Each of them has their own goals, as well as their own offerings for you - though there is limited information on them so far. What is known is that there are humans, sentient robots known as The Created, the demon-esq Daemonari, and the stealthy Forest Folk. Instead of a sandbox with nothing really going on, you have these factions helping create a story in the ruins of this world.

Of course, when you're building giant mechs, guns and fortresses you want to play with friends. While not a massively online experience, Goliath, will support co-op play, as well as a competitive arena PvP where you can toss mechs against each other. Check out the announcement trailer below to see more of it, with further details to follow at E3 by creators Whalebox Studios and publisher Viva Media. It is currently planned to release in early 2016.

Does Goliath interest you? Are you just tired of crafting games, or does giant mechs make up for it? Share your thoughts below!

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