Surreal RTS It Stares Back Enters Early Access in June

Published: May 30, 2019 5:45 PM /


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Been looking for a trippy RTS to occupy your time? Seems like you won't have to wait much longer. The newest take on the genre will be entering Early Access on Steam, and it's doing so rather soon with It Stares Back.

Light Arc Studio has taken to Twitter to announce that their upcoming RTS, It Stares Back, will be entering Early Access on June 14th. While the announcement doesn't say exactly what the Early Access release will include, or the price, it does give a few ideas. The game won't launch with its story mode, as that's still under construction. However, it will have maps for you to play on and try the mechanics out. In addition, new maps will be added over time. These include both maps made by the developers and maps submitted by the community. There's no word on when It Stares Back will leave Early Access after entering it.

I got a chance to check out It Stares Back at the East Coast Game Conference earlier this year. The game manages to pull out some neat RTS tricks, with armies that build instantly and fog of war only being able to be cleared by hero units or buildings. In addition, it contains some absolutely amazing aesthetics. The soundtrack, visuals, and voice acting all combine into one extremely unique and trippy package.

It Stares Back will enter Early Access on June 14th. You can grab a free demo of the game by joining the team's Discord server. The demo is considered a prologue to the game, and should take a couple of hours to get through. There's currently no release date for the full version, nor price mentioned.

Are you excited for It Stares Back? Going to pick up the Early Access? Let us know in the comments below!

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