Surgeon Simulator Developer's Next Game, I am Bread


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Surgeon Simulator Developer's Next Game, I am Bread

October 19, 2014

By: Sam Mcarthur-Mclean


Bossa Studios the creators of Surgeon Simulator have announced their next game, I am Bread. As the name suggests you will be playing as... bread.

The game was announced on twitter by the devs with this tweet.


The description of the game given by the developers is

The beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted.
Just like their previous game Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread also came out of a game jam. A past tweet from Bossa shows a vine from the game jam of a piece of bread climbing a wall.

The game seems to have the openness of something like Katamari and the awkwardness of Octodad and Mount Your Friends.

No details of when the game will be released have been announced.


Source: Tweet

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