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February 25, 2016
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Just when you thought it was safe to log onto the net, TechRaptor's 2016 Indie Game of the Year has returned. SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is a brand new expandalone that continues the story of "the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years". Launching into Steam Early Access on December 7th, 2018, this expansion brings procedural levels, new power-ups, and multiple playable characters into the mix alongside its established slow motion combat.

Development of this new project began just as SUPERHOT launched, with the expansion originally being planned as free DLC for the main game. That is still in the works, but current SUPERHOT owners will have to wait until the finished product is out the door before being gifted this new game. For those who can't wait, or for those who want to help in the development, there will be an entry fee.

SUPERHOT Team have laid out their vision for the final game in their Steam store description, which also reveals that the full release isn't expected until late in 2018. The team also warns players new to the series against picking up this version of the game and states that narrative elements will not be included in the initial Early Access version.

As listed by the developers, the features you can expect from the final build of MIND CONTROL DELETE are:

  • A long, deep story to expand the SUPERHOT universe and reveal a few of the secrets hidden by the system
  • Multiple new enemy types, smarter and more powerful to keep you on your toes despite all of the new awesome abilities and powers that you control in MIND CONTROL DELETE
  • Heaps of powerups and gameplay modifiers to make each procedurally generated run unique and push you into different playstyles
  • Many more unlockable MINDs (playable characters), each with their own skills and gameplay mechanics
If you're interested in picking up the game this week, the Steam page is already up.

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