Jett The Far Shore

Superbrothers Return In Jett The Far Shore

June 11, 2020 4:59 PM

By: Alex Santa Maria


Back in 2011, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP shook the burgeoning indie gaming landscape. A compact and mesmerizing adventure, Sword & Sworcery redefined what a video game could be. Now, on the PlayStation 5, the Superbrothers are looking to have the same impact on the market they helped define. As part of Sony's Future of Gaming event, the team premiered their next project, entitled Jett The Far Shore.

In the premiere trailer, we see a grayscale world filled with spaceships and tribes of unique-looking villagers. Gameplay for Jett is unclear, but the overwhelming style that Superbrothers showcased in their last project shines through in this new endeavor. Superbrothers creative director Craig D. Adams talked about how Jett hopes to expand the space with both traditional mechanics and the type of storytelling they mastered previously.

There's a type of videogame I've longed for, a traditional enough console action adventure that can reel me in with character, story and concept but that then lets me cut loose, go fast, be clever and soak in rich audio and music. After all these years it's exciting to be bringing JETT out of the shadows into the light of day, with the help of partners like Playstation and Epic Games.

Developed alongside Pine Scented and with songs and sounds by Scntfc, Jett The Far Shore hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store in Holiday 2020.

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