Super Seducer NFT Debuts Limited Edition Switch ROM

Super Seducer creator Richard La Ruina has followed through on an idea to turn the Nintendo Switch version of Super Seducer into a non-fungible token (NFT).

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Super Seducer NFT Nintendo Switch cover

Super Seducer 3 creator Richard La Ruina has followed through on his plans to launch a Super Seducer NFT — you now have a chance to own one of three copies of the Super Seducer Nintendo Switch ROM.

The Super Seducer games have had a rough go lately. The newest release Super Seducer 3 has been rejected by Steam despite the first two games launching on the platform without any major problems. That bad news led Richard La Ruina to pen an exclusive deal with Gamesplanet to distribute a completely uncensored version of the game along with the addition of the first two games.

La Ruina planned to get the games on the Nintendo Switch as well, but Nintendo blocked the release of the first two games on the platform — and that was after a fair amount of money was spent on porting costs. At the time, the game's creator mused that he might convert the ROM of the first game into an NFT; now, he's followed through on that idea and put a total of 3 copies of the Nintendo Switch ROM up for auction.

"Let's give this a go... First Full Video Game NFT[,]" Richard La Ruina said in a tweet."Super Seducer 1 for Nintendo Switch[.] THREE Copies Only. Probably the rarest Switch game ever."

Super Seducer NFT Nintendo Switch slice

What is the Super Seducer NFT?

The Super Seducer NFT will contain a copy of the first Super Seducer Nintendo Switch port. Only three of these NFTs are being released in total, so this might be your only chance to get your hands on the game.

If you don't know what an NFT is, here's the simple explanation: an NFT — or "Non-Fungible Token" — is essentially a bit of unique code that cannot be easily replicated since it's part of a blockchain. Recent months have seen an explosion in NFT art ranging from beautiful creations by talented artists to silly jokes and everything in-between. You're effectively buying some data, but the unique appeal is that an NFT serves as a certificate of authenticity and makes it genuinely unique in a sense, and that gives it value.

It might sound crazy to pay any amount of cash for a unique digital code, but that's also exactly what cryptocurrency is. (And hey, pretty much most of the world's money is just numbers in a computer at this point rather than physical currency anyway.) Now, Richard La Ruina has used this concept to distribute a total of three copies of the Super Seducer Nintendo Switch ROM.

The Super Seducer NFT is tagged as art and currently up for bid; Richard La Ruina expects that he'll keep the auction going for roughly a week. The highest bid is $23.17 at the time of writing, but it's already jumped up from around $22 in the last hour; I'd expect that the price will probably continue to gradually go up as more and more people bid on the game.

As for actually playing this ROM, no details are provided on how to go about it. That said, there are plenty of tutorials for playing Nintendo Switch ROMs out there on the Internet and you might have to use third-party software or hardware to actually play this game; we've reached out to Richard La Ruina for comment and will update this article when we receive a reply.

Super Seducer NFT Horror Seducer slice

Super Seducer Spin-off Horror Seducer Canceled

The news of a Super Seducer NFT is somewhat surprising, but it's not all good news today — Richard La Ruina has also announced that his upcoming game Horror Seducer is canceled.

"In the alternate universe where Steam approved SS3 & didn't change their rules after we had already made the game..." La Ruina said in a tweet featuring a teaser trailer, "I'd be talking to horror movie writers & directors, be writing the script, and there'd be a coming soon page on Steam. CANCELLED[.]"

One person in the Twitter replies insinuated that this might be a marketing ploy and that this game is going to come out anyway. However, La Ruina retorted that there is "zero chance" of this game coming out and that he's so certain of it that he would sell the rights to the game. According to him, the only scenario in which Horror Seducer could be released is with guaranteed distribution; otherwise, it would lose "a lot of money."

Although Horror Seducer is canceled and you'll have a hard time playing Super Seducer on Switch, you can still buy Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls on Steam and Gamesplanet and the sequel Super Seducer 2 - Advanced Seduction Tactics on Steam and Gamesplanet. You can also buy the latest game Super Seducer 3 exclusively on Gamesplanet.

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What do you think about the Super Seducer NFT? Are you disappointed that Horror Seducer is canceled? Let us know in the comments below!

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