Super Seducer 3 May Finally Get Approved by Steam

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Super Seducer 3 May Finally Get Approved by Steam

March 1, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Super Seducer 3 has an "almost 100%" chance of finally getting approved on Steam following a week's worth of delays, but it looks like it's going to take another ten days or so to make the changes.

One week ago, Super Seducer 3 was getting ready to launch on Steam. However, Valve had taken longer to review the game than its creator Richard La Ruina had expected, ultimately resulting in a delay while its developer attempts to get approved on Steam. The process for getting approval had led La Ruina to wonder if the game would get released at all, but now he's finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Super Seducer 3 Needs 'Around 10 Days' to Make Changes

Super Seducer 3 creator Richard La Ruina has tweeted out an update about the game's troubles with getting approved on Steam. As it stands, he believes that he has a clear picture of what he needs to do to get the game on the platform — but he's also going to need a little more time to get it done.


"Kind of good news," La Ruina said in a tweet.  SS3 got rejected again.  But this time I got clearer guidelines on what we need to do. So I've gone from being 50/50 on getting approved to almost 100%. The only downside is how long it will take. I think we are looking at around 10 days realistically."

It's unclear if the extra 10 days are only needed for development time or if that estimate also includes the time that Steam would need to approve the game; we've reached out to the developer for clarification on this point.

In any case, it looks like Super Seducer 3 is on track to finally launch on Steam sometime in the next couple of weeks. You can add it to your wishlist on Steam while we're waiting to see how this latest round of Steam Store approval goes.

What do you think about the delays for Super Seducer 3? Do you think Valve's demands for changes are reasonable? Let us know in the comments below!

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