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Super Seducer 3 Has Been Banned From Steam

March 22, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


On Twitter, Richard La Ruina has revealed that Valve has banned and removed Super Seducer 3 from their Steam storefront and will not "allow it to be released in any form." The Super Seducer 3 Steam page is gone and over 61,700 wish lists are gone as well, which would be quite the blow for a game that was supposed to launch later this week.

This has only been the latest in a series of bumps in the road for Super Seducer 3. Since late February the game has been blocked from Steam, which interrupted its planned February 15, 2021 launch. La Ruina then said a few days later that there was "shrinking hope" that the game would be approved by Valve. Then everything appeared to be rosy on March 1 as La Ruina stated that there was "almost 100% chance" of the game launching on Steam. Apparently not.


The reason that the game isn't launching on Steam is that Valve says they won't ship a "game with sexually explicit images of real people". La Ruina clarified after his initial announcement today that the game was rejected in three different forms - the uncensored version, the twitch censored version, and a specially built version that uncensored some things from the Twitch one but addressed some areas he thought Valve might have some problems with. Valve however didn't give any specifics on what content was causing problems for him to address, blocking the limited censored demo as well.

With plans for a Steam launch in ruin, Richard La Ruina has said that there still will be a release. While GOG and Epic Games have declined to carry the game, the show will go on, and Super Seducer 3 will be releasing in some form this week according to La Ruina, uncensored with an option to censor it in the menus for things like streaming.


For more information on the ongoing saga of Super Seducer 3, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor.

What do you think of this news? Have you played any of the Super Seducer games? Are you waiting to play Super Seducer 3? Let us know in the comments!

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