Super Seducer 3 Creator Says "Shrinking Hope" Of Steam Approval

Published: February 25, 2021 9:56 AM /


Richard La Ruina and an actress in the gym in Super Seducer 3

Super Seducer 3 creator Richard La Ruina has admitted he has a "shrinking hope" that the game will be approved on Steam. After an uncensored version was rejected, La Ruina submitted a censored version, but he's yet to hear back from Valve about it.

Why could Super Seducer 3 not be released on Steam?

Though the first two Super Seducer games were relatively tame, La Ruina made the decision to increase the mature content in Super Seducer 3. He submitted the uncensored version to Valve for publishing on Steam, but it was rejected. Following this, La Ruina and his team made some changes to the game. Speaking to TechRaptor, La Ruina said these changes were "what you might have seen xQc or Pokimane playing on Twitch". The cuts include censorship of feedback clips, cutting "controversial wrong options", and the outright removal of two levels, one of which "implies sexual activities between two women".

Richard La Ruina talking to a woman in Super Seducer 3
Although Richard La Ruina admits Super Seducer 3 is "sexier", he says he doesn't understand why Steam rejected it.

According to La Ruina, Steam has "only recently started enforcing" a rule regarding mature content and real actresses. As a result, it seems that Super Seducer 3 - which La Ruina told us is "not trying to push boundaries" - fell foul of those rules. La Ruina says he hopes the team has "guessed correctly" in making the changes they've made to the censored version and that Steam will approve the new edits, which have been under review for nine days.

Will Super Seducer 3 launch on other platforms?

It's looking very unlikely. La Ruina told us that if Super Seducer 3 doesn't launch on Steam, he and his team will "end up losing 90% of the money" they've invested in the project. The team did try to pitch the project to both GOG and the Epic Games Store, both of whom rejected them. La Ruina says that the Steam decision is very important to the team, and that "everything is on hold" until a decision is made. That means we're unlikely to hear more about Super Seducer 3 until Steam decides whether the censored version is fit for publication or not.

For his part, La Ruina regrets making the decision to make Super Seducer 3 a "sexier" game. He says that, given the chance, he and his team would have "done whatever it would have taken" to avoid the situation they're currently in. La Ruina says that trying to get Super Seducer 3 approved for publication has been "stressful", so if there is a Super Seducer 4, don't expect it to tread similar ground to this one. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it.

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