Super Mario Maker Update to Add Checkpoints and Other Features

Published: October 28, 2015 8:55 PM /


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Super Mario Maker has achieved the popularity that is to be expected of a Mario game, with over 3 million player-created levels being created and uploaded since its release in September. Certain features that are present in most Mario games, however, were strangely absent from the level editor of Super Mario Maker. An update schedule for November 4th aims to correct this absence and give players more options for creating their dream Mario levels.

That most obvious feature missing from Super Mario Maker is checkpoints; currently, levels must be completed from start to finish in a single life, and failure means returning all the way to the start to give it another go. With the impending update, players will have the ability to add checkpoint flags to their levels. This will allow anyone playing through the level to maintain some progress even after deaths, and may enable level creators to provide more finely tuned challenges without the frustration of having to completely restart because of a slip up in the later parts of a level.

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This update will also allow level creators to insert power ups that changed based upon Mario’s current state. Instead of only one possible power up available from a block, creators will be able to determine which item appears based on whether Mario is in his big or small state.

New featured levels and featured creators will also be added as a part of the update. Event Courses, special featured levels created by non-Nintedo partners, will be added to Course World. “Ship Love,” the winner of the Facebook Hackathon, will be one of the first Event Courses featured. In addition, an Official Makers section will be included in Course World, featuring special levels, with some even created by Nintendo itself. The level seen in the final round of Omegathon will be available sometime as part of the Official Makers section.

This update will be free and is scheduled to go live on November 4th.

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