Super Mario Maker 2 Limits Players To Uploading 32 Stages Online

Published: June 28, 2019 3:42 PM /



According to a Reddit thread found on the Super Mario Maker Sub-Reddit, Super Mario Maker 2 limits the number of stages a player can upload to a mere 32. This amount, while higher then 10 stages a player could upload from the outset in the first game, can not be increased in any way. By comparison, the first game allowed players to eventually upload 100 stages after being given rating stars from other gamers online.

As can be seen in the above linked Reddit thread, this limit on uploads has led to a variety of negative comments from gamers as can be seen from the above linked Reddit Thread. While some gamers may feel that 32 stages are enough for them, some also who feel the amount is simply not enough to cover the number of stages that can be created with the diverse set of tools Super Mario Maker 2 provides. For example, it isn't enough to upload a stage with one of each theme, let alone exploring those themes. It is possible to delete stages to free up slots online, but this is may not be a fix for all players who may want to keep all their levels public.


On top of this, Super Mario Maker 2 requires a membership with the Switch's Nintendo Online Service, which costs $20 per year when the original did not. This means that you must pay to be able to share stages online, a feature that was free with the original. With stage sharing locked behind a paywall, many have expressed dissatisfaction with what is provided for their $20, especially given that there are fewer upload slots available.

This is not the first time Super Mario Maker 2 has courted controversy. With the announcement of the fact that the game's ranked multiplayer play could only be played with random players online, and could not match a user with their friends sparking outrage from Nintendo fans swiftly after its announcement. This issue has, however, since been amended, as Nintendo has promised at their E3 Showcase for the game that multiplayer friend support would be added via a patch to the game at a later date. As of writing, Nintendo has yet to comment if support for more stages will be added in the future. Some users have expressed hope that the stage limit may be an attempt to limit server usage at launch when most people are on it, like how many shooters will increase their refresh rate (also known as tick rate) after launch when there is less demand.

For more info on Super Mario Maker 2, take a look at your coverage from earlier this year concerning the game's multiplayer mode and more at the game's info page right here.


Have you played Super Mario Maker for the Wii U or will the second entry be your first experience with the series? Let us know about your time playing either game and what types of stages you plan to build in the comments below.

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