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super mario maker 2 basics

The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct stream started with an overview of the basics of Super Mario Maker that we were already familiar with: laying some groundwork, place some iconic objects like blocks, pipes and coins, and iconic enemies like goombas. You could place and adjust as you liked, multiple layers, stack and hide enemies, or enlarge them. You could do a lot of crazy stuff that wasn't possible in regular Mario games. Super Mario Maker 2 still has all of that, but you can expect a ton of new features and mechanics that will make the game much more interactive and replayable. There's a lot more experimentation involved.

Slopes are a new addition and can be very inclined, or you can create a gentle slope. The Angry Sun is also a new feature that can follow and attack the player. There's also the Snake Block, of which you can determine the trajectory. An "on/off switch" adds a lot of interactivity to mechanics, so you can even set up traps against your enemies. The Seesaw and Swinging Claw are also available for some extra traversal challenge. Water courses can have different rising speeds, or they can also be fire courses.

super mario maker 2 custom scroll

Custom Scroll allows players to adjust a trajectory, with the sidescrolling able to go in many directions. There are also vertical sub-areas, and a "scroll stop" feature. Banzai Bill enemies can go in any direction. You can use the Dry Bones shell to protect yourself from lava or hide from enemies. Coins can be bigger, up to 50 points. The game includes new sound effects to give it all a fresher feeling. You can also build a course together in Co-op Making. There is the Twister to keep your character, your allies and enemies all floating through the course. Conveyor belts can also be placed diagonally. You can ride a fire-breathing Red Yoshi. Items can fall on a parachute as you traverse the course. Enemies like Boom Boom are available, swinging his arms at the player.

The presentation then turned to explore the Story Mode, where Mario has to rebuild Princess Peach's castle. You can earn coins to build more stuff. As you build, you'll unlock areas in the castle with more jobs and quests. Unlocking areas brings more jobs and quests. The courses have themes as well, such as desert courses, or snow, forest, sky courses. You can replace the sun with a moon, and the night courses will bring out some surprises, such as the underground turning upside down. Snow, forest, all courses change in the night.

super mario maker 2 super mario 3d world

We saw some of the 3D World mode, where Cat Mario can climb walls, scratch, and perform other moves. You can use clear pipes, and so can enemies. You can create your own path through courses with crates and platforms. You can use the Warp Box, and set an on/off switch to Spike Blocks. There are all kinds of blocks in 3D World: ! Block, Blinking Block, Track Block. You'll have to time your jumps very often. There's also the Mushroom Trampoline, the Piranha Creeper, the Koopa Troopa Car, Charvaargh, Pom Pom, all in 3D. Banzai Bill flies toward the screen, breaks through walls. You'll see many other familiar faces from Mario games.

If you're a Nintendo Switch Online member, you have the social aspect of Super Mario Maker 2 in the Course World, where players can share courses, browse through popular courses, try new ones, search by tags, and so on. There's also an autoscroll course feature if you want to be surprised. Course World includes the whole hoopla of social elements with comment sections, maker profiles, maker points currency, customization of looks, objectives to complete, scores and global ranks. You can even download courses to play offline.

You can play Super Mario Maker 2 in a variety of modes. Multiplayer Versus is a race of characters through a course. There's also a Multiplayer Co-op mode where you can beat the course together. If you're in a room with four other Nintendo Switch owners, you can all join a room and play the game together using a single Internet connection. Nintendo suggests that makers use the Multiplayer Versus tag to make it easier to share the courses.

The presentation ended advertising the Nintendo Switch Game vouchers and a special offer that allows you to get Super Mario Maker 2 at a discount along with other Nintendo games. Note that the vouchers are only available for Nintendo Switch Online members. They also announced a special event, the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 on June 8. Nintendo will be at E3 2018 on June 11-13, so expect more about Super Mario Maker 2 during the conference. Super Mario Maker 2 releases on June 28 for the Nintendo Switch.

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