Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5/15 – Super Mario Maker 2 Introduces Story Mode

Published: May 15, 2019 7:16 PM /


super mario maker 2 story

Today, Nintendo held a Direct dedicated to their next big upcoming title, Super Mario Maker 2. One of the many new inclusions is a story mode.

In this story mode, players are tasked with rebuilding Peach's castle. Rather than actually creating levels yourself, in Super Mario Maker 2's story mode, you'll be tackling stages created by Nintendo themselves. With over 100 courses to conquer, Nintendo aims to showcase Super Mario Maker 2's creative capabilities with all of its new tools, enemies, terrain, and more.


super mario maker 2 doggo

As you progress, the castle gets larger and larger and you can gain access to higher levels of the castle. Characters in story mode will offer jobs for players in order to advance the story.

Quick Take

This, along with the multiplayer options in Super Mario Maker 2, is making the game a convincing buy. I'm terrible at stage building, but I can tell that Nintendo went out of their way to provide an experience that caters to as many people as possible.

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