Super Mario 64 Becomes First Million Dollar Game At Auction

Published: July 11, 2021 5:53 PM /


Super Mario 64

Heritage Auction continues to break new records with video game sales, this time shattering a record set only a day ago. Yesterday, the most a game had sold for was The Legend of Zelda at 870k, but after a delay due to DDOS attacks, their video game auction returned and sold the first million dollar game with a copy of Super Mario 64.

How much did Super Mario 64 sell for auction?

In the July 9-11 Signature Video Game auction, Super Mario 64 sold for 1,560,000 (including buyer's premium), the first time that a public video game auction has seen a game sold for over a million. Without the 20% buyer's premium, the price bid on Super Mario 64 was 1.3 million, almost 600 000 over the previous record of The Legend of Zelda, which was at 725 000 before buyer's premium.


This copy of Super Mario 64 was the highest one that Heritage Auction had ever offered for sale. It was rated a 9.8 A++ by Wata Games, showing that the sealed copy here was pristine, and nearly as good as the day it was printed.

This is also an unprecedented raise for Super Mario 64. While the NES auction scene had been taking off, and we saw numerous high prices in the auction, Super Mario 64's previous high water mark on Heritage Auction was a mere 38,400 (including premium), marking this as a more than 100fold increase in Super Mario 64 prices.

Other valuable games at the auction on July 11 include Super Smash Bros for N64 which sold for $144k, Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 1 for $144k, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 which sold for $228,000. It was a good day for Nintendo games at auction in general, as Super Mario World sold for $360k, and Pokemon Red went for $132k, along with several versions of Super Mario Bros. 3 with the most expensive going for $228k.


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