Super Lesbian Animal RPG Demo Gets Major Update

Published: November 5, 2019 1:30 PM /


An in-game screenshot of Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Super Lesbian Animal RPG has received a major update to its Welcome To Greenridge demo. The new update adds a new NPC, overhauls the game's sound, and makes major tweaks to the gameplay.

First up, there's a new NPC to talk to. Paula can be found on the Hiking Trail once Allison has joined your party. Creator Bobby Schroeder says it's literally impossible to miss Paula if you simply make progress through the demo. There's also a new dialogue exchange to be found when inspecting the scenic view at the top of the Hiking Trail. Allison must be in your party for this exchange to happen.

In addition to the new NPC, Schroeder has overhauled Super Lesbian Animal RPG's sound. Most of the sound effects have been replaced and much of the music has been remastered. Schroeder says some of the tracks have received "simple mixing and mastering updates", while others have been overhauled more noticeably. You can also expect a new boss battle track for the Hole Hound encounter as well as brand new jingles for treasure, puzzle-solving, and more.

The new Super Lesbian Animal RPG patch also makes a bunch of new gameplay tweaks including a battle UI update, new status effect animations for combat, and balance tweaks. If you want to read the full changelog, you can do so here. Schroeder is urging you to let her know if you find any bugs, so be sure to contact her via the game's page if you spot anything.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a turn-based RPG described by its creator as "a short but sweet game about love, anxiety, and fighting funny-looking monsters in dungeons". You can grab the demo for the game over on right now. It's available for free, but you can become Schroeder's Patreon or donate money to the project if you want to. Be sure to keep up with the game on Twitter and Tumblr if you're interested.

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