Super League Gaming, First In-Theater Video Game League Formed

Published: July 3, 2015 2:22 PM /


Super League Gaming

A new upstart is in the competitive gaming market, although it is following a different path than the standard esports route.

Titled Super League Gaming, the group will be touring the country this summer, stopping at 25 cities from now until August 26th. The game being played will be Minecraft, and the arena will be in movie theaters across the country.

The purpose of Super League Gaming is to combine the esports environment with traditional league play. The tour during the summer is to introduce the concept to potential signups, before a six-week session of league play begins on September 14th.

The game being played in competition is currently Minecraft. Players will have 100-minute sessions that combine both gameplay and social elements, with players building teams and competing in battles, while working with other players to formulate strategies and climb the Leagues leaderboard.

Participants in Super League Gaming will be using their laptops, while a third person camera will follow the action on movie screens. Super League Gaming has teamed up with major movie theater chains such as Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark, AMC and iPic to host their events across the country.

"We know kids are excited about playing video games, but now we want to bring another layer to the experience that pushes their engagement even further," stated Super League Co-Founder John Miller. "There's no reason why such a common pastime has to happen locked away in kids' rooms. Moms, dads, siblings... everyone really gets involved once they walk into one of our theater events. You can feel the energy in the room."

Super League Gaming is aimed at being a more social league for children. As president and COO Brett Morris states, "That's why we created Super League Gaming. We're just a group of dads who want to help kids connect with each other and develop social bonds as they play and engage in the games they love. We like to think of it as little league for the digital era."

The League is currently touring the U.S, with tickets at $20 per event. After the summer tour, the six-week league play begins, at $120 per session. More information about the League can be found on their official website.

So what do you think? Is Super League Gaming good for the industry, and good for esports? Post your comments below. 

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