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Published: January 3, 2018 12:28 AM /


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The first English translation of Super Famicom Wars has appeared, marking the first time the game is playable in English. As reported on by SiliconeraSuper Famicom Wars was only physically available via the Nintendo Power rewritable cartridge system. The translation was done by David "Optiroc" Lindecrantz, and is his first work. The translation also warns that even though Super Famicom Wars has been tested internally, it is "extremely unlikely that not a single bug or inconsistency has flown under [the team's radar.]" If you want to check out Super Famicom Wars, you can visit the Romhacking page to download the translation.

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Super Famicom Wars is the fourth game in the 12-game strong Wars series. Much like Intelligent Systems' Fire Emblem series, Wars has featured tactical grid-based combat with a modern military flair. Released in 1998, Super Famicom Wars introduced the Green Earth and Yellow Comet armies, bringing the total number of armies to four. While it may not have featured any campaign or story mode, a large collection of maps was included, and support for local competitive play. Even though there's no dialogue to translate, much of the finer unit details and stats are important in a turn-based strategy game.

Super Famicom Wars also makes use of the trademark commander powers, and features over 25 unique units, trains among them, and was the only appearance of the Wars series on the Super Famicom. Super Famicom Wars also made an appearance on the fascinating Satellaview, which allowed owners to receive games via radio broadcasts. It is worth noting that Super Famicom Wars was ported to both the Wii and the WiiU's Virtual Console in 2010 and 2013, respectively. As the readme file elaborates, Super Famicom Wars was released late in the Super Famicom's lifecycle, which likely contributed to the lack of a Western release.

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Even stranger, the first Advance Wars games were released first in the West, with the Japanese versions coming a few years later. Despite the considerable popularity of the Advance Wars games, the earlier Wars games remain unported, and Intelligent has shelved the series entirely since 2008's Days of Ruin. From playing just a brief stint of the translated version, there are quite a few of the series' more prominent maps included, and immediately fun to play. This new translation is envisioned as a "20th Anniversary Celebration" of Super Famicom Wars and can be grabbed over on the translation's page.

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