Super Dungeon Bros for the PS4 and XBox One

Published: March 13, 2015 8:16 PM /


Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros by React Games is a rogue-lite gauntlet-ish action RPG with a comedic wit to every action is now coming to PS4 and XBox One with both online and offline co-op. Super Dungeon Bros won the Best Social Game Award at Game Connection Europe in 2014. A fast paced top down brawler that revels in nonsensical humor sounds like a perfect mix for couch co-op.

Super Dungeon Bros looks to be the Castle Crashers of dungeon crawlers, complete with silly abilities  like the Bro Tower, where all of the players stack on top of each other to attack. They named the abilities 'Bro Attack Combos' to enforce how little the game takes seriously. Every level will be procedurally generated, which according to React Games will have 32 million combinations. Super Dungeon Bros will feature different variations and harder enemies with more players, and looks like it could be a great game to play with your friends on the couch or try and go online every night and try to get better and better.

React Games has already announced that PC can cross platform to both XBox One and PS4 players, allowing PC players to play with either console, hopefully ensuring that there will be a solid player base for Super Dungeon Bros online co-op.

Scheduled for release in quarter 4 of 2015, Super Dungeon Bros looks to be trying to expand its horizons by trying to be on as many machines as possible. This quirky co-op brawler has a lot of promise, with the developers focusing 80% on using classic gameplay elements from other games so that a normal gamer feels at home, and 20% on creating innovation that is largely focused around manipulating your friends and cooperative attacks.

Included in this announcement is that Super Dungeon Bros will have a single player campaign, daily challenges, and weekly challenges for anyone who craves competition among their friends. With how the majority of companies avoid couch co-op this generation, Super Dungeon Bros looks like a breath of fresh air for anyone who missed actively yelling you friend sitting next to you for throwing you against a wall.

React Games also announced a kickstarter coming soon for Super Dungeon Bros in order to add more characters to the game before launch. Hopefully Super Dungeon Bros becomes a cooperative game to remember in Quarter 4 of 2015.


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