Super Crate Box Loots And Shoots Its Way Onto Nintendo Switch October 1st

Published: September 20, 2019 10:30 AM /


super crate box

Vlambeer's frantic Super Crate Box finally has a release date for Nintendo Switch. The game is coming to Nintendo's console on October 1st, having originally been announced for it back in March this year.

The Dutch indie studio announced the game's Switch release date via Twitter. Super Crate Box originally launched for PC back in October 2010, so it's been almost nine years since the game's release. Since then, it's landed on iOS, PlayStation Vita, and OS X. There was also a rather charming Commodore 64 demake of the game. This project was titled Super Bread Box (heh) and created by Paul Koller back in 2013.

It seems like the Nintendo version of Super Crate Box will be getting two-player co-op. We're not sure whether that's both online and locally, but local co-op is a safe bet given the ease with which the game can be played using the Switch's Joy-Cons. It's also not clear whether Vlambeer plans to update Super Crate Box on other platforms to allow for multiplayer. There have been a couple of mods from the community that patch in online multiplayer, but nothing official. We'll have to wait and see.

Super Crate Box is a free-to-play shooter developed by Dutch studio Vlambeer. Gameplay revolves around collecting weaponry and killing waves of enemies. If you come into contact with an enemy once, it's game over for you. The game is endless, so the objective is simply to see how long you can survive. Periodically, you'll collect bigger and better weaponry. The amount of weapon crates you've collected at the end of each run is your score. As you reach score milestones, you'll unlock new weapons, new game modes, and extra cosmetics for the game's characters.

You'll be able to pick up Super Crate Box for Nintendo Switch on October 1st via the eShop. Until then, you can still grab it on PC via Steam.

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