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Super Bomberman R is apparently getting free support by Konami.

According to Nintendolife, a YouTube video from the popular channel The Game Theorists showcased a near one hour livestream of Super Bomberman R, with YouTube players from around the world competing against each other to be crowned the international champion.

The video itself showcases a decent amount of Bomberman action, but it was at the tail end of the video, where host Matthew Patrick mentions that Konami will be giving away free DLC for the game, including new maps and characters, in the future. The video also showed off a bit of new footage, including three new maps and a few new character skins, before it faded out.

The full video can be watched below. If you want to skip to the new DLC stuff, you can find it at the 51:00 minute mark which we have it set to begin at.

Konami did not mention when the DLC will be released.

Super Bomberman R earned mixed reviews upon release, including one from TechRaptor writer James Galizio, who criticized the lack of content for the game as a major negative.

Quick Take

Free DLC for Super Bomberman R is nothing but a good thing. Extra levels, characters and the like will certainly give the game a lot more longevity, especially considering how bare-bones it is. Super Bomberman R is also scratching that arcade-style gameplay itch really well, so giving out more content is just going to be a net positive for fans of the game.

It is also a pretty decent move by Konami, who by this time last year was perhaps the most reviled game company in the world for their treatment of Hideo Kojima. Perhaps this is the reshuffling that Konami hinted at, focusing on smaller titles instead of big budget spectacles from now on. It's not going to win them any favors from a lot of people, but the gesture is at least a good one business-wise.

What are your thoughts, though? Do you want to see more Super Bomberman R? Leave your comments below. 

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