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Sunless Skies

Developer Failbetter Games has announced that their sequel to Sunless Sea will be taking off soon enough. Kickstarted in February this year, Sunless Skies takes the ideas of Sunless Sea to space and beyond with some new concepts added in as well. Now, the developer is happy to announce that Sunless Skies early access release will be August 30th on Steam and GOG's Games In Development program.

Failbetter Games cites how important early access was to Sunless Sea and says that wanting to get that type of feedback from the community to help ensure that Sunless Skies is the best it can be. Feedback for this comes not only in what people say but what they do as information provides developers with crucial hints on what is happening behind the words players say to best adjust the game.

Prepare to explore the stars

Sunless Skies is set 10 years after Sunless Sea where Queen Victoria has led an ambitious exodus to the stars where a revitalized British Empire begins to expand through the living stars. Known as the Judgements, they are vastly intelligent but something is snuffing them out and the British Empire quickly fills in where the domains they have left behind. At launch in early access, only one of the regions will be available - the Reach with others being added throughout early access. Developer Failbetter games describe the Reach as follows:

The Reach is a verdant, sunless frontier. London pioneers— spearheaded by the avaricious Windward Company—establish far-flung colonies and plunder the riches of the region's ruins and wild gardens. But many colonists crave independence from the Empire, and the Reach is rife with conflict
Mechanically the plan is to have a broad skeleton of gameplay features available - exploration, docking at ports, stories, trading, fighting and more. One of the key goals for Sunless Skies was to improve upon the combat of Sunless Sea while keeping the aspects that made Sunless Sea stand out so much.

Sunless Skies release is coming August 30th on Steam's early access program and GOG's Games In Development program. It will cost $24.99 with 10% off for the first week.

Disclosure: The Writer backed Sunless Skies on Kickstarter and enjoyed the previous game in the series immensely.

Are you anticipating Sunless Skies early access release? Have you played Sunless Sea? What changes, if any, do you hope are made to the formula? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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