Sunken Sea Core Keeper Update Adds Underwater Horrors and More

Sunken Sea, the first big Core Keeper update, has landed, bringing with it a brand new biome, new gameplay mechanics, and plenty more

Published: June 15, 2022 12:24 PM /


A new boss in the Sunken Sea Core Keeper update

The first major Core Keeper update, Sunken Sea, has landed, and there's lots of new content to enjoy. You'll find a brand new biome, new creatures to fight, and new mechanics to engage with in this update, plus new items and a huge amount of gameplay and balance tweaks.

What's in the Sunken Sea Core Keeper update?

First teased in the Core Keeper roadmap back in March, this new Core Keeper update comes after the game got dedicated servers last month, allowing players to breathe a little easier about their progress. This new update, however, is focused entirely on adding new content to Core Keeper. Sunken Sea brings the titular biome, which contains new boss enemies, regular enemies, and sub-locations to discover. New enemies include the Bubble Crab and the Caveling Scholar, and you can also look forward to bumping into the terrifying Omoroth the Sea Titan boss if you're exploring the Sunken Sea biome.

Players running around and building in the Sunken Sea Core Keeper update
The new Sunken Sea biome should give you and your Core Keeper buddies some more fun as you try to deal with its denizens.

On the crafting and gear side, you'll find a new octarine workbench that contains new tools and base building options. You and your buddies can now travel the world of Core Keeper using boats, and there are also new portals that you can craft in order to get around more quickly. New map markers should help you to identify areas on the map more easily, too. As well as this, you'll also find tons of new items, including the brand new octarine ore, which should help you to craft better gear. New weapons, food items, and decorative objects have also been added, along with a legendary ranged weapon and much more. You're getting all this alongside a ton of gameplay balance changes and bug fixes, so make sure to take a look at the full Core Keeper patch notes on Steam to see exactly what's changed.

What is Core Keeper?

Core Keeper is a mining sandbox survival game. You're on the hunt for a mysterious relic, and in order to find it, you must establish a base in an underground network of caverns and other biomes. You'll need to fight off hostile creatures in order to keep your base and yourself safe, but you'll also need to venture out in order to hunt for resources and find materials to help you survive. The game has proven hugely popular with players, racking up over 500,000 sales in less than two weeks, and it's regularly being updated by the developers. Further updates, which will add desert and crystal-themed biomes to the game, are also on the way, although we don't have release windows for those yet.

A base in Core Keeper
Core Keeper lets you build and survive in a huge network of procedurally-generated underground caverns.

You can grab Core Keeper right now on Steam, where it's currently available with a 10% discount for $11.69. The game is currently in Early Access, but developer Pugstorm says it's hoping to release the full version "before the end of 2022". However, the studio says it's open to moving this date around if it feels that doing so would be in Core Keeper's best interest. We'll bring you more on Core Keeper as soon as we get it, but in the meantime, if you're a fan, be sure to hop back in and check out the Sunken Sea update. Make sure you take a look at our Core Keeper guides hub if you're just getting started and want a little advice, too.

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