Super Succubus Update Adds Whip and Paid DLC

Published: April 26, 2022 9:40 AM /



The Super Succubus update has been released, bringing with it a new type of weapon for executions, a new, alternate voiceover for the main character, looped dreams, bugfixes, and paid DLC called the Superhero Armors DLC for $1.99. This DLC adds five new armors based on popular heroines, a new weapon, and heroic poses for selfie mode. Let's get into it, shall we?

What's in the latest Succubus update?

Along with the aforementioned DLC, voiceover, looped dreams, and weapons, there are also a lot of bug fixes that should make for a smoother experience. These include Vydija no longer wearing multiple pairs of wings during cutscenes, bodypaints on models without tails now having proper back coverage, and missing sounds for collectibles has been fixed. The wrong text showing when obtaining a new collectible has also been fixed, as have an outline filter that used to render the character black, and Vydija's appearance will now respect her model preferences during H-scenes on different levels.


There have also been minor fixes to Vydija's Cave aka Main Hub, the Mountain of Pleasure, Arena of Sacred Blood, Slave Bridges, The Great Kali, Dungeons of Blood, Vortex Temple, Forgotten Lair, and Brightlight of the Forest. That's not all though, because the Bridge of Chorts, Kethar's Workshop, Forest of Flesh, Mountain of Meat, Amazon Area, The Collector, Nimrod's Palace, and the Legendary Warrior Area has also received minor fixes.

Succubus is also now available for 23% off ($19.24) on Steam, so if you've been waiting to play it now's a decent time.

Do you want to see the super Succubus update in action? Check out the trailer below:

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