Succubus' First Gameplay Video is Certainly a Thing

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Succubus' First Gameplay Video is Certainly a Thing

October 22, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


The first gameplay trailer for Succubus has launched and it's certainly... something. If it's a good something or bad something can only really be decided by you though.

The trailer, which can be found here, contains about 14 minutes of gameplay. We get to see the titular succubus climbing around on rocks in a third person platforming segment that appears to be mostly automated. When she finally reaches where she's going the game shifts into first person, and she's quickly attacked, giving us a look at combat. It seems the game will feature large swarms of enemies, as that was her primary foe. The succubus could use a pair of knives or a sword to attack, and as she hit enemies she had a bar that filled up that gave her access to special abilities such as stunning enemies, shooting fireballs, throwing her knives, and more. It seems fine, if kind of floaty. Then, at about the five minute mark, the succubus comes across a pregnant lady tied up, punches her stomach until she's horribly brused, reaches into the lady and pulls out the unborn fetus, and promptly cracks its neck open and drinks its blood. So that's... a thing. Shock value seems to be important to Succubus and it shocked me right to closing the trailer.

If you're not aware of what Succubus is, the game is a first person action game that is a spin-off of horror game Agony. It puts you in the role of a, well, succubus. Specifically one who feels betrayed by her species and goes on a roaring rampage of revenge by brutally killing them and... other stuff. The entire game takes place in Hell, which is decorated with corpses and mysterious lumps of flesh that I'm certain were once people but are now just sort of lumpy. Also everyone is naked all the time, so if you've wanted to see some parts then you get to see some parts.

Succubus is set to come out exclusively on PC at a currently unannounced date.


I'm certain you have plenty of questions. I don't want to ask any. Just tell me your thoughts, I guess, because I think I'm out of them.

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