Subnautica: Below Zero Seatruck Update Lets Players Explore the Depths

Published: March 8, 2019 9:00 AM /


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The Subnautica: Below Zero Seatruck Update is here! The most obvious addition in this update is the titular Seatruck, a brand-new vehicle that's somewhere in-between the Seamoth and Cyclops of 2018's Subnautica. New items have been added (or rather, old ones have been properly implemented), some areas have been fleshed out, and a couple of new creatures have entered the fray!

To start, check out the Subnautica: Below Zero Seatruck Update trailer to see the new vehicle in action:

The Seatruck is a really interesting vehicle from the perspective of someone who has played Subnautica. Previously, players had the choice between either the Seamoth (a mini submarine), the Cyclops (a not so mini submarine), and the Prawn Suit (a big ol' mecha kinda deal). The Seatruck falls somewhere in the middle between the Seamoth and the Cyclops thanks to a modular system that allows you to extend the length of the submarine. These modules include a Fabricator Module, Aquarium Module, and Storage Module—and there are more to come in the future, including a module that allows a Prawn Suit to dock with your Seatruck.

As with most things in the game, you need to unlock these pieces through scanning the associated debris. You'll also need to discover the Mobile Vehicle Bay in order to actually build the Seatruck. Thankfully, the Subnautica: Below Zero Seatruck Update also gives players the Battery Charger and Power Cell Charger for free right from jump, correcting one of the annoying oversights I encountered in our preview of the game.

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Left: The Seatruck features a built-in reverse camera that automatically activates when you move backward. Right: The Squidshark is not your friend.

There are some things to keep in mind: the Seatruck is a little expensive. You'll need five Advanced Wiring Kits to put it together and that's just one of the ingredients. The additional modules are almost as expensive in many respects.

The Seatruck has a maximum depth of 275 meters. Go below that, and you'll gradually start to lose hull integrity. It's enough to get you nearer to some of the deeper areas in the game, but you'll still have to hop out and explore on foot (so to speak). The Fabricator Module appears to allow players to craft upgrades, but I haven't yet been able to test this bit out.

The Subnautica: Below Zero Seatruck Update is also part of the game's Early Access period. Simply put, you can expect to see some bugs. I encountered an issue with table coral disappearing from my inventory and being unable to pick it up. If you can't pick it up, you should exit to the main menu and load the game again. As for it disappearing, it's perhaps best to turn it into computer chips so they don't vanish on you. One final note: don't log out while in the Seatruck—it's a little buggy and you'll spawn inside in a strange situation that may be difficult to get out of.

Subnautica; Below Zero Seatruck Update
There are some other new terrors in the deep to watch out for.

Two new areas have been fleshed out a bit: the Deep Twisty Bridges and Thermal Spires. The former of these two areas is home to some creepy new creatures like the Squidshark, a terrifying shark/squid hybrid that would love to eat you for lunch.

You can play this Subnautica: Below Zero update right now. If you don't already own the game, you can get on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Humble Store for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

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