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Stunlock Discusses What V Rising 1.0 Will Look Like

June 20, 2022

By: Will Quick

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Stunlock Studios
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While still in Early Access, V Rising has been growing its player base as they continue to develop the game. During a recent interview, one of the game's devs talked about working towards the future of the game, V Rising 1.0. They talk about the changes that will come to V Rising, specifically about the survival aspects and elements to raise its longevity.

V Rising 1.0 May Be Rising

Since its release in May earlier this year, V Rising has had tremendous success with over two million copies sold so far. In terms of its community, the game's current player count has an all-time peak of over 150,000 and the last 24-hour peak of over 40,000, per steamcharts. Even so, players have expressed concerns over the game's longevity, which may have prompted Stunlock's decision to make that one of their focuses on the road to V Rising 1.0. They describe the full version of V Rising as an "evolution" of the game, with V Rising 1.0 representing the full-release of the game. Despite its financial and community support, Stunlock is planning to keep the game PC-focused for the time-being so console and even Steam Deck accessibility for it may still be ways off.


While there's no current date about when this version will become available, the studio reveals what sort of changes it will bring to the game. While the devs have been quoted saying that they "do not feel beholden to keeping every single person playing indefinitely," they seek to improve the player engagement by providing "new ways to experience Vadoran." Although the game has online capabilities, they've tailored it to mostly support a solo experience to go along with its survival gameplay. These PvE sessions are supported by 30,000 private servers obtained through G-portal with the studio believing they would also allow players to make PvP and other "game modes for themselves."

Stunlock affirms that they have a "clear vision" and they've shared their ideas for what they want for the game later on. They explain that they've discussed the V Rising 1.0, but "won’t be announcing any estimated timelines for full release just yet."