Street Fighter V Adding VS CPU, Urien In September

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By September, Street Fighter V will have been out 7 months missing one of the most iconic features for the fighting game genre. That feature is the 'arcade mode' where you can choose to just play the game against friends (which you can do), or against the CPU (which you couldn't). The blow back to Street Fighter V not having that mode appeared to shock Capcom, and they were non-committal about adding it, but in a post providing details on the August and September updates, they have at last committed to adding it, as it's scheduled for the September update.

It won't be titled the classic 'Arcade Mode' that players may be used to, but Vs CPU will fill that same void based on the name. This will provide players a way to practice their skills against the CPU or play the game without having to do the survival mode, go through the story mode with its inherent limitations, or play online, which not everyone wants to do. 

While the inclusion of a Vs CPU mode is definitely the highlight of the next two months additions, there are some other notable changes coming as well.

August's update was a smaller one, with September having most of the content. August worked on further enhancing another thing that was missing from Street Fighter V at launch, an anti-rage quit system. The Rage Quitting System now has stricter guidelines and penalties hit a players league points and lock them out of online matchmaking for a period of time. While Capcom states the rollout of the system reduced rage quitting players significantly, they are also working on a new, more robust system to release for the issue in early 2017.

September's update on the other hand, will include a good amount of content, beyond just the VS CPU mode. As mentioned in the title, it has been confirmed that Urien will be arriving in September at Gamescom by Gamespot, meaning that a new character will be available for all versions of play and not just the story mode segments featuring them. 

New looks are also coming to the game, with more color options coming for premium costumes. For Default and Battle costumes on the 6 DLC characters, Season Pass owners will get colors 3 to 10 sent over to them. That same set of colors - 3 to 10 - is also now available on premium costumes. Color Bundles are also now available for purchase via Fight Money or Real Money.

To help make that, and Urien, more attainable, Capcom is introducing some new ways to get Fight Money by playing Street Fighter V. The first is the premier Double Fight Money event to take play on the weekend of September 2-4. This will give you the opportunity to double your Fight Money earnings in Ranked Matches on that weekend. Beyond that, Capcom is also implementing the long promised daily challenges to the game. These will be specific things you do in game which will give you Fight Money rewards. Fight Money can be spent to unlock characters, new stages, costumes and other premium content and is obtained mostly by playing the game.

Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and is currently 40% off on Steam if you have been waiting for a price drop.

Do you think Capcom is too late in bringing out a VS CPU mode? Do any of these announcements interest you in the title now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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