Street Fighter 6 Gives Characters Special Taunts For Ryu's Fireball

There's a lot to expect from Street Fighter 6 and now players can look forward to each character's jock about Ryu throwing fireballs.

Published: June 10, 2022 3:39 PM /


Street Fighter 6

Among fighting games, Street Fighter is one of the biggest names and is planning something unusual for its newest entry. Announced at the State Of Play this year, Street Fighter 6 is expected to launch sometime in 2023. Main character Ryu will be making a return with his trademark Fireball attack that many players have used repeatedly for easy wins. However, the devs have provided a unique response to this by giving characters taunts that are specifically designed to make fun of that attack.

Street Fighter 6 Fireball Taunting

The Street Fighter games are not traditional when it comes to the rules of fighting. The tournament lives up to its name as a "street fight" since characters are allowed to use whatever's at their disposal in order to win. Even though Ryu is a martial artist, he has developed the ability to shoot Fireballs, a valuable ranged attack. The button combination can be mastered quickly for quick use and now characters will be able to make fun of it. The official Street Fighter Twitter gives a taste of this in a short clip showing the character Luke mockingly imitating the technique and wording as he shouts "Hadouken!" in a goofy voice.

Street Fighter 6 continues its long tradition of having a diverse cast of characters. The tournament that exists within the game's universe is open to characters from all over the world. Players have the option to play as brawlers, wrestlers, acrobats, and even magic-users as they compete with each other locally or online. The game's story follows the player's fighter of choice as they lead them through the tournament brackets to victory.

The modeling and voice acting has grown with time so players will be able to hear each character's take on Ryu's Fireballs. This extra touch to the taunting system adds a comedic element to a colorful world. It'll bring a light-heartedness to the Street Fighter 6 matches that players will be able to have next year.

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