Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground Modes Revealed

Published: June 21, 2022 10:16 AM /


Street Fighter 6

With Street Fighter 6 finally being announced after many years of waiting, fans have been desperately hoping for some news to slip through the cracks. Well, due to The Jeff Gerstmann Show releasing some raw footage, we now know what Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground modes players will be playing. They are Arcade, Practice, Versus, Special Match, and Online. Let's dig into them, shall we?

What's included with the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground modes?

The Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground modes are what players can expect, which is good because that means Capcom isn't messing with a proven formula. The modes seen in the gameplay footage were collected together and organized by ResetEra user Neoxon:

  • Arcade: Fight consecutive computer-controlled components as you progress each character’s story.
    • Story
  • Practice: A mode where you can practice with characters and learn what makes them unique.
    • Training
    • Tutorials
    • Character Guides
    • Combo Trials
  • Versus: A mode that pits you against the CPU or other players.
    • One on One
    • Team Battle
  • Special Match: A party-style mode that adds special rules and mechanics to your battles.
    • Extreme Battle
  • Online: Earn league points and advance your club in online battles.
    • Ranked Match
    • Casual Match
    • Custom Room

With the series also receiving a commentary for the first time, players thankfully have the option to turn the commentary on, off, or change the volume. At the moment only two commentators are available in-game, with Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez as the English commentator and ARU as the Japanese commentator.

The two stages that are also available at the moment are Metro City Downtown and Genbu Temple. When a character is selected, players can change the costume, change the color of said costume, change the control type, and change the preset.

For more information on Street Fighter 6, Capcom, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

Want to see the the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground modes in action? Check out The Jeff Gerstmann Show's raw footage below!

Thanks, The Jeff Gerstmann Show, ResetEra.

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