Street Fighter 6 Characters To Receive New Themes

Published: August 11, 2022 9:36 AM /


The Street Fighter 6 characters Luke, Jamie, Chun-Li, and Ryu

Street Fighter 6 is still many months away, but new details are still trickling out to tantalize waiting fans. In an interview with SPIN, Street Fighter 6’s producer Shuhei Matsumoto and lead composer Yoshiya Terayama spoke about what they intend with the Street Fighter 6 characters' musical themes. Basically, the plan is to reimagine them as if the characters come from the streets. After all, it's called Street Fighter, not Classical Fighter, amirite?

How are Street Fighter 6 characters' themes changing?

If you've had even an inkling of interest in the latest Street Fighter title, you've probably noticed the more urban setting this time around. This is no accident, with Matsumoto wanting to include more "graffiti, dance, rap, and DJ sounds" in Street Fighter 6. This line of thinking will be seen and heard in the Street Fighter 6 characters and their themes, with Capcom trying to "incorporate the culture and art of each country we represent" as well as the styles of the characters. With Street Fighter 6 being described as more of a "global title", fans should expect different-sounding tunes compared to what they're used to.


Street Fighter 6 characters Luke and Jamie duking it out
These Street Fighter 6 characters are going barefoot on some gnarly-looking streets.

That's not all Street Fighter 6 fans can look forward to either. Back in June, it was announced that Street Fighter 6 would be receiving rollback netcode, and the modes included in the game were also kinda sorta maybe leaked out by The Jeff Gerstmann Show. The brand new Street Fighter 6 character themes and styles will be in full effect in these modes, as players will be able to practice, play through each character's story, and fight online, locally, and in a special match party mode. Basically, there's a lot to look forward to in Street Fighter 6 along with the new music.

Thanks, SPIN.

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